Reclaimed Belle was started and still to this day continues from the dining room table of a busy house full of little boys. By one mama, one maker and one shaker. Each item is handmade, designed and shipped by that mama.
The maker and shaker behind Reclaimed Belle always had a side hobby shop and after she became a stay at home mama she needed creative outlet (her husband agreed after she painted every room in the house enough times to reduce the square footage). After becoming a special needs mama that outlet became more to her than a hobby.
It became a place where she could not only have her outlet while being home but nurture her soul and her family at the same time. Doing something for herself was in turn making life easier for her family without taking anything away.
Her goal was to offer timeless, classic pieces that could be dressed up or down. To offer a twist on timeless.
Something that could go with all the different hats women wear everyday. From jeans to that little black dress. From soccer fields to date night. From juggling it all at the office to a letting it all go at a party. For your wedding walking down the aisle or standing with your best friend on her big day. For the hard work and the easy work. For the sweats and a glass of wine night or the the heels and night on the town. Reclaimed Belle hopes to offer women something as versatile, classic and unique as they are. For all that women do Reclaimed Belle just hopes to add a little extra well deserved sparkle.

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